Virtual Weddings are the Latest Lockdown Trend We’re Obsessed With


While your wedding plans may be on hold, it’s never been easier for us to connect with friends and family around the world and share some special moments together online. Virtual weddings are a new trend growing in popularity as we settle into this ‘new normal’.

It’s no secret the wedding industry has been hit hard by the spread of Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown measures. This has not only seen wedding planning put on hold, but also forced many couples to make the tough decision to postpone their wedding or even cancel their big day.

But you brides-to-be are a resilient bunch, and rather than letting the small matter of a global pandemic get in the way of your big day, we’ve seen more and more couples opt for a virtual wedding live from lockdown.

Virtual Wedding Ideas for a Lockdown Wedding With a Difference

While sharing your wedding vows over Zoom might not quite marry up to your ideas of the perfect wedding day, a virtual ceremony is a great way to still celebrate on your original wedding day. Plus, it gives you and your guests something to look forward to during lockdown. Think of it as a little teaser, or a practice run, for the real deal.

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A virtual wedding will also give you the opportunity to get a little creative with your venue or wedding destination. If you hadn’t considered a destination wedding, or your plans to jet off for a wedding abroad have gone awry, here’s how you can still tie the knot in one of the world’s most popular wedding destinations.

The Best Zoom Backgrounds For Your Virtual Wedding

Hertfordshire Photography have collected Instagram data to reveal the top 10 Instagrammable wedding destinations, and have created Zoom backgrounds of each location for your virtual wedding.

From Bali to New York, you can *virtually* travel to the venue of your choice and live stream with your friends and family; wherever in the world they may be.

1. Bali


#baliwedding 948,044 posts

2. Miami


#miamiwedding 256,350 posts

3. New York


#newyorkwedding 249,836 posts

4. Los Angeles


#losangeleswedding 197,596 posts

5. Arizona


#arizonawedding 173,525 posts

6. Tuscany


#tuscanywedding 170,656 posts

7. Las Vegas


#lasvegaswedding 168,210 posts

8. Santorini


#santoriniwedding 120,059 posts

9. Paris


#pariswedding 116,310 posts

10. San Francisco


#sanfranciscowedding 110,743 posts

How to Host a Virtual Wedding

Now for the logistics. Follow this step-by-step guide to set up your virtual wedding.

  1. Choose your virtual wedding guests
  2. Decide on a video calling platform
  3. Select a date and send a calendar invite
  4. Make a schedule for the virtual wedding
  5. Invite your guests to make speeches
  6. Toast to your virtual wedding

How to set up a Zoom Background for Your Virtual Wedding

You don’t have to stick to the destination locations we’ve picked out, you can choose any background or image you like.

To set a virtual background on Zoom you need to:

  • Log into Zoom
  • Go into account settings
  • In the account profile tab under background image for Zoom rooms click upload new image
  • Select your image and click open

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